G and his BCBG team have been there and done it…

Webster Hall Resurgence Post 911

After a downturn in overall economy in Lower Manhattan and through the nation, Webster Hall owners were faced with a true challenge in bring back the once vibrant energy and excitement that had been it’s legacy.  Gerard and his team were not discourage and worked tirelessly to create and adapt the historic building to meet the n

Inspiring Artist to Converge in the LES

Gerard has continued to sustain a visibility for his QAS mission by hosting over 400 weekly salons in various venues around Lower Manhattan. Small clubs benefit 

Encouraging Local Artists to Thrive 

Gerard’s mission to bring neighborhood artist to the stages of Webster Hall culminated in his seasonal event, the Quarterly Art Soiree. It has been credited for being a professional catalyst for a wide range of artist in theater, film, fashion, visual arts and dance. 

Critical Introductions that Made the Difference

Gerard has mentored and allied with some very talented young entertainment and hospitality professionals over the years. Now his network has expanded to reach far beyond Lower Manhattan and his collaborations are many. Proprietors trust his insights and recommendations and have relied on his network of up and coming  from Late Late  and VYNL in Lower Manhattan to Slake, EVS and Jukely, night spots throughout the city have profited from his alliance, guidance and network.

Creative Negotiation and Mediation

Gerard’ has stepped in on many issues that have arisen not only with the clubs he’s allied with but also those who just need a little help getting out of bind.  His affirming and positive attitude and his ability to address a heated issue with levity and cooperation has made him a go-to resource when hard deals have to be struck. He has been a part of many teams who have successfully leveraged their assets to a lucrative sale and had the back of others who were facing conflicts that needed a insightful middle ground solutions.