G and his BCBG team can help you with…

Creative Event Strategies

With years of experience it working within the events production community, Gerard and his BCBG team can help you and your team avoid a lot of the pitfalls, anticipate the challenges and streamline your production to strategy to pull off a successful and profitable special event.

Licensing and Permitting

With years of evolving and understanding the many aspects of City and County ordinances and permit requirements, G can help you anticipate and accommodate the current statutes to make sure your facility, event or 

Staffing and Human Resources

Whether your building a permanent team of collaborative professionals or staffing a special event with the confidence to know you are gaining the most qualified experienced contractors available, we have years of understand what makes for a solid core strategy for success. Let us share it with you.

Customer Relations and Reputation

Keeping your name in a way that it enhances your reputation is always a challenge.