About Gerard

His experience ranges from film actor to art curator to nightlife mastermind.​​

As entrepreneur, creator and visionary, with over two decades of experience at the forefront of NYC culture, music and fashion, Gerard holds court as ambassador to New York City’s dynamic East Village.  He was born in the Bronx to Irish immigrant parents, his father, a NYC Transit cop and his mother, the assistant to the Monsignor at the local parish. The Bronx-born, New York City native is most known as former Curator and Director of Operations of the legendary Webster Hall and founding proprietor of East Village Social, an intimate rock n’ roll bar that caters to a modern crowd in a vintage aesthetic located on the world famous St. Mark’s Place. His earliest venture of ownership was SixMileCross, bar and restaurant with locations in City Island, Montauk and Hunter Mountain. The name comes from the birthplace of his father, in the North of Ireland.  His exposure to New York’s diversity of cultures, languages and customs helped shape his ability to bring people together.​

He is an actor, entrepreneur, creator and visionary with over two decades of experience at the forefront of NYC culture, music and fashion. ​

Gerard has owned and operated nightclubs from Montauk to the mountains (namely, Hunter Mountain) and since 1994, he has been at the head of the Webster Hall family of entertainment businesses, running their biggest club and concert operations. At the legendary Webster Hall NYC, Gerard has staffed, hosted, and piloted thousands of events, across 4 floors, in 40,000 square feet, from MTV specials to film shoots to corporate events to Green Day to Paul Simon to Nine Inch Nails to Jack White to Patti Smith to Madonna to President Clinton at the largest and longest running nightclub in New York City.

And now, with an eye toward providing the same fulfilling experience to a smaller crowd, Gerard contributed his knowledge, expertise and vision to the opening of one of the most popular and intimate points of artistic convergence on the Lower East Side.

East Village Social on famed St Mark’s Place in NYC’s East Village is a tavern, eatery and gathering place for artists in the heart of Bohemian NYC, their food has already received kudos from the likes of Time Out NY. The casual atmosphere and innovative wine creations have locals and legends alike stopping by to soak up the scene. As, “We sell whiskey for cash. It’s St. Mark’s, act like it,” as their motto, you can always expect to see and hear something interesting. 

As one won’t be surprised to learn, the natural ease with which Gerard works a room has translated to professional acting engagements. 

He is a card carrying SAG AFTRA member who has recently been featured in co-starring roles in several network television programs. His debut ‘Lead Actor’ performance came in the 2011 critically acclaimed narrative short ‘Hip Priest’, a role specifically written for him, originally inspired from a early 1970’s photograph by Paul McDonough.​ Represented by Prestige Management Group, NYC. He’s featured in Netflix Original Series, “The Get Down” as a record company executive, as inmate Faris Jezewski on FOX Network “The Following” Season 3, Episode 10, opposite Kevin Bacon and as a security technology CEO in Season 6, Episode 3 of USA Network “White Collar”.​ 

“Impresario” – from Italian: impresa, meaning “an enterprise or undertaking” – is defined as a person who organizes concerts, plays, operas, and cultural events.

Gerard McNamee Jr. is an impresario for New York City, for the 21st Century and for every facet of art and culture. He is so adept at cultivating a welcoming vibe that rumor has it his first gathering from decades ago is STILL going strong. After all, that is what an impresario does – he makes people want to gather – and makes them want to stay.​

Gerard is a leader amongst his peers, a 21st century urban-cowboy, he is a man of integrity, kindness and inspiration.​

 A man of many talents, this Fordham University graduate is a tastemaker, an influencer. 

His wide range of projects and vast array of professional allies has made him a valued advisor and mentor to many seeking to test their meddle in NYC nightlife industry.  Often found cruising the streets of Manhattan on his Harley, her name, “Yaya,” or his little red VW convertible, he is the ultimate “impresario” and the epitome of a NYC badass.

And his singing engagements in “Joe Hurley’s Irish Rock Review” at Joe’s Pub and in the “Our Land” project at Lincoln Center are influenced by Shane MacGowan, Joe Strummer, Hurley himself, and if you asked Gerard he would say “and of course, Keith Richards.”


“From Dive Bar to 5 Star…”

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