From staffing to logistics, security to legal compliance, McNamee provides informed guidance for nightlife proprietors. His experience in facility management, crowd control and patron relations is unparalleled. He has assembled a team of skilled ​, like-minded advisors known for their ability to streamline operations and increase profitability. He is a master at creating powerful creative collaborations and ​sturdy commercial alliance.

Gerard and his BCBG* power team can help 

​​His network extends from entertainment and nightlife professionals to artists and talent from multiple genres and mediums. 
​Here are a just a few things they can help you with they can help you with


    • Staffing and Human Resources
    • Media and Press Strategies
    • Customer Relations and Reputation


  • Facility Management and Maintenance
  • Security, Legal and Safety Compliance
  • Savings,  Sponsors and  Revenue Strategies


  • Connecting the Dots
  • Keeping the Peace
  • Forging the Alliances

Catch up with G’s pet projects

  • The QAS*

    • * The Quarter Arts Soiree seeks to showcase art, fashion and music in a vibrant and unassuming manner so that the art form is not held to the traditional pedestals of the “white-cube” gallery, sleek runway, classic stage and the like. Rather, the prospective spectator may witness the creations as an organic part of a communal environment – where not one thing is set apart from another – and where art may fuse with everyday life.
  • The EVS*

    • G’s most recent club project can be seen in contributions to the quaint and original East Village Social.   His collaboration on this project speaks for it’s. Check out what the patrons are saying on Yelp.
  • Gerard Gerard

    • As an actor and artist G is also active in expanding his horizons and making his mark. Most recently featured in a national Volkswagen campaign and appearing in various films and series.